Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sad Days Ahead

If you do not live in the Hampton Roads area odds are you haven't heard much about what has been happening here these last few days.

Yesterday, a helicopter that was stationed here in Norfolk crashed off of the coast of Virginia. The outcome of the crash was not as hopeful as people initially thought it would be. Two of the rescued men have died in the hospital and one is still considered missing. Thankfully the two others that were rescued are doing well and expected to make full recoveries.

Please send your prayers and love to the families of everyone involved; To those that have passed and those that have survived but will be entering a very difficult period. This is another time for all of us, military or civilian, to reflect and be grateful for the loved ones in our lives.


  1. My husband heard about this last night- definitely praying. I can't even imagine


    1. This is hands down the hardest part of being in the military. You never know when things like this can happen, or who they happen to. All we can do is offer our love and support, and lots and lots of prayers.