Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Home Sweet {virginia} Home

 Hello 2014! We are back home and all of us are absolutely exhausted. You may remember from previous posts that Hubby, me and Miss Luna all packed up and drove 3,236 miles (yes, I google mapped it) to Texas then Florida and back. How we fit all of our luggage, gifts and a collie into our Mustang I will never know. So naturally, this will be one big, huge catch up on everything that has happened these past few weeks. Get ready for a photo dump of epic proportions!

Mommy, Luna time 
Check out that fancy seat belt, Leopard. 
Begging Daddy for attention
That is how Luna likes to relax on road trips. In between her naps and staring down other cars down, she likes to perch up on our shoulders and beg for kisses and pettings. What a brat. Thank goodness she's adorable. 

So spoiled. 
When we got Texas it was nothing but family time 24/7. It was fantastic. I loved every minute of it, especially relaxing on the couch with my sisters. We don't get to spend nearly enough time together, just hanging out and doing nothing always beats out a night of bar hoping. 
So comfy 
Finally, another blondie for Chloe to hang out with!
It wouldn't be Christmas without a craft or two! This one is based off of the craft that was floating around Pinterest all month like wild fire. My mom and I joined forces and finished this baby in 2 days. We were awfully proud of it.

And you know the halls weren't the only thing that was decorated. Oh no sir. Look at the puppies! 

Lucy Girl, looking cute
Luna, as festive as ever
Max, that jerk. Good thing he is cute too! 
Tallulah, nothing fits her so she gets the hat
Jack and Mini Penny round out the clan
And yes, all of those dogs are my Momma's puppies. It looks like a rescue house and is as loud as a kindergarten class, but it's home :) 

Then it was Christmas Eve. 
The sisters, Hubby and I went over to my Dad's house to do the traditional family gathering and gift exchange. Otherwise known as, spoil the littlest ones and white elephant for the adults. It's always a lot of fun to see who steals the bottles of liquor from each other. (We stole a nice bottle of rum!)  

White elephant gifts and A Christmas Story. Perfect.
My uncle the photographer. Always ready :)
Family photo by the fire pit.
My Grandmother got lucky and scored the Beaver Nuggets
Everyone loves a frying pan!
My sister Katie and her new mini me cousin 
We should send out a cousin x-mas card next year! 
Christmas was really good this year. I loved having all of the people I care for in the same city at the same time. But of course every good thing has to come to an end so all of us out-of-towners rounded out our Corpus time by going to the coolest place in town: Tipsy Canvas! It is exactly what it sounds like, you paint and drink :) Chloe, my blondie sister, bought us all a class for Christmas and it was the best time. We snacked, drank wine, laughed like hyenas and yeah there was a little painting in there too. 

I think they all turned out pretty good. We are a talented bunch!

It was a great week in Texas. Full of family and friends and lazing around. The best combination for a sensational vacation. I wish it could have lasted a few days longer, but after we pilled back into the car, it was back to business. House hunting business. So after two days of travel and a new year beginning, we made it to Pensacola, Florida.   

I love the colors
I was ready to go full on HGTV House Hunters mode when we got to Florida. "I like the vibe." "It's not in my favorite neighborhood." "I can't walk to anything." "How are the school districts?" (even though we don't have kids, lol) But after only 1 day of looking, we found it!  

I am so excited that we found it so fast. We got so lucky with this place. Lots of space, a huge backyard for Luna to play in for hours, and less then a mile from friends we have down there. It's perfect. It will be my newest project for the new year. I already doubled my House Decor board on Pinterest with ideas. My D-I-Y board is next to get the sudden influx of pins. You know what that means...more craft posts! It is almost time to make my new house my new Home Sweet {florida} Home. Get ready. 


  1. Love you and your mom's DIY and dogs in sweaters always makes me laugh! Sounds like a wonderful Christmas and a great start to 2014 :)

    1. Thanks for the craft love Katie! It really was a great Christmas